Holes - 2003 Walt Disney Pictures Releases

CAST: Shia LaBeouf, Khleo Thomas, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight and Tim Blake Nelson
DIRECTOR: Andrew Davis
SCREENPLAY: Louis Sachar, based on his novel
PRODUCERS: Mike Medavoy, Andrew Davis, Teresa Tucker-Davies, Lowell D. Blank
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Marty Ewing, Louis Phillips

Based on the award-winning book by Louis Sachar, Holes is a funny and poignant coming-of-age adventure. It tells the story of Stanley Yelnats (SHIA LaBEOUF) - an unusual young hero, dogged by bad luck stemming from an ancient family curse. Perpetually in the wrong place at the wrong time, Stanley is unfairly sentenced to months of detention at Camp Green Lake for a crime he didn't commit. There, he and his campmates -- Squid, Armpit, ZigZag, Magnet, X-Ray and Zero -- are forced by the menacing warden (SIGOURNEY WEAVER) and her right-hand men Mr. Sir (JON VOIGHT) and Mr. Pendanski (TIM BLAKE NELSON) to dig holes in order to build character. Nobody knows the real reason they're digging all these holes, but Stanley soon begins to question why the Warden is so interested in anything "special" the boys find. Stanley and his campmates must stick together and keep one step ahead of the Warden and her henchmen as they plot a daring escape from the camp to solve the mystery and break the Yelnats family curse.

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Rated PG - Violence, Mild Language and Some Thematic Elements

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What Others Have to Say:

"I think that this movie will be great. I loved the book and I think Shia Labeouf is the coolest actor. He plays a great Stanley Yelnats" - Braeden Pena

"I loved the book 'Holes'!!! I'm hoping that the movie will be just as good!!!" - Lauren Williams

"i just think that khleo thomas is thee cutest thinnnnng!!!!!!!!!" - kelli bolte

"this is gonna be tha best movie ever. but you have to read the book before you watch the movie and pick out the differences so you know what is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - geoffrey

"I cant wait to see the movie holes i already read the book i think that khleo thomas is great for the part zero i think he is cute!!!! " - Loretta

"Omg... Holes is one of my favorite books and Shia is SOOO hott Can't wait till I watch it" - Jessica

"Hey D-tent boys I was so excited when i saw they were coming out with a movie. Oh and im madly in love with zero and my friend likes zig-zag. cant wait for the movie good luck" - Alexis R.

"Arm pit do your arm pits realy steenk? P.S. You are a good rapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Tiffany

"i cant wait to see the movie holes it looks like a great movie. iv read the book, and im gonna see the movie the first day day it comes out." - leah chase

"I want to let you know that Shia Labeouf did a great job as performing Stanley Yelnats.Khleo Thomas also did good as playing Zero. I give the movie two big thumbs up, and five stars. I love the movie!!! It was one of the best movies I have ever seen! I LOVED IT!!!" - Tenae Roth

"As a teacher, I am THRILLED Disney had made this wonderful book into a movie. My students can't wait. Thank you Disney!!!" - D. Thomas

"I have reed the book twice and I loved it.I know the movie will be just as good." - Deangelo Petty

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