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There's a lot of out-of-sight merchandise available for fans of Disney's Lilo & Stitch. From books to toys to clothes, there is something for everyone. There doesn't seem to be the breadth of items available from past movies such as Atlantis, but the stuff that has been made are really fun and appropriate to the film.

Please find below a small sampling of Lilo & Stitch merchandise that is available for purchase at local retailers.

Although all the merchandise from Lilo & Stitch is cool, the best of the best has to be Aloha Stitch. He is cool. He can answer questions you ask of him and how he responds depends on his "badness level." When he is sweet, he sings a nice song and give nice answers. But when he is rotten, that is a totally different story. He starts with a cackle and gives mean answers. If this were the holidays, Aloha Stitch would surely sell out and would be considered the Babblin' Boo, Buzz Lightyear or Tickle Me Elmo of the year. Check back on the Emporium Home Page shortly for an in-depth look at Aloha Stitch.

There's a line in the film where Stitch proclaims that he likes being fluffy. And he certainly is represented as fluffy in a variety of plush merchandise. The above plush Stitch is from the Disney Store. There is a similar one from Hasbro but I think that this one is cuter. In addition to Stitch, there are also plush representations of Lilo and her doll, Scrump, as well as bean bag plush of Lilo, Stitch and Stitch dressed as Elvis.

It wouldn't be a Disney release without a collection of action figures and with the film's sci-fi elements, action figures are even more appropriate. Above is the Double Laser Stitch from Hasbro. Actually he's Experiment 626, has four arms and fires his laser projectiles when his body is twisted from side to side. There are other action figures available too. Each retails for around $8.

Matthew and I have danced to the rhythms of Hawaii and Elvis in this collection of songs on the official movie soundtrack. Elvis sings on five tracks, each introduced by a line of dialogue from the film. Two other Elvis songs are performed by country star Wynonna and pop band A*Teens. The best song on the album is "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride," sung by Mark Keali'l Ho'omalu and Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus. They also do a hula song called "He Mele No Lilo." Alan Silvestri composed and conducted the original score. A cute thing about the soundtrack is that the CD is made to look like an old vinyl record.

A number of video games themed to Lilo & Stitch have been made available too. For the Playstation lines, Sony has released two games - "Disney's Lilo & Stitch" and "Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626." The second game is supposed to be a prequel to the movie and players can participate in alien hijinks before Stitch crash lands on Earth. There are also video games for the Gameboy and PC systems. Matthew is planning on checking out the Playstation games in the near future so be sure to check back on the Emporium Home Page for his reviews.

It seems like Disney has gone away from the "Art of" books that used to accompany each film's release in theaters. In addition to the typical children's storybooks, Disney Editions has released Lilo & Stitch: Collected Stories From the Film’s Creators. Priced at about $20, this softback edition looks to be a great value. This will definitely be joining the hundreds of other books in Matthew's collection.

McDonald's is featuring a set of eight toys with their Happy Meals. Each of these characters from the film is a bobblehead on a keychain surfboard. The characters include Lilo, Experiment 626, Stitch dressed as Elvis, Nani, David, Pleakley, Jumba and Cobra Bubbles. The promotion runs through July 11 or while supplies last.

One of my favorite pasttimes when visiting the Disney theme parks is to press some pennies into these decorative coins. They are good to collect in special keepsake books or you can include them in scrapbooks highlighting your day at Disneyland or your trip to the movie theater to see Lilo & Stitch. What's best about these pressed pennies is that they are relatively inexpensive - two quarters and the penny to be pressed. Great value! Great fun!

There's a lot of cute clothing for both children and adults available. Many little girls were at the theater dressed in a little Hawaiian dress that looked like the dress Lilo wears. Boys can adorn themselves in costumes and look like Stitch. And what Hawaiian-themed movie doesn't come complete with an Aloha Shirt like the one above? Reyn Spooner designed the pattern for the above shirt, women's dresses and kids' clothes. The adult shirt sells for $77.50 and can be ordered online at reyns.com. To see a close up of the design, place your mouse over the shirt graphic.

There's a lot of great merchandise themed to Lilo & Stitch that I didn't have the chance to cover. There's a lot of nostalgic merchandise straight from the movie that are fun reminders of collectible toys of the past, such as Viewmasters and Big Wheels. The key to collecting is to find what you like and enjoy it for what it is. While it is possible to buy stuff and put it away for its monetary value to increase, play with the toys and use the products for what they are designed for and the memories you'll have of the time spent with them will be its own reward.

-Story by Kathy Walker. All product graphics copyright their respective owners.

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