The Art of Meet the RobinsonsAn Art Book Short on Art

Matthew Walker takes a brief look at the latest addition to "The Art of ..." book series featuring the newest Disney animated feature film Meet the Robinsons. With only about one-third the number of pages of the previous "Art of ..." Disney book, there isn't as much to weigh in on as one would hope but The Art of Meet the Robinsons still has enough to enlighten readers as to the process behind the creation of an animated film. Featuring drawings, paintings and computer renderings of the various characters and locales from the film, the book gives a glimpse into what moviegoers will see when it debuts in theaters at the end of March.

Penny Smashing at DisneylandA Smashing Adventure

Collecting Disney doesn't mean having to spend a million dollars. In fact, you can start a fun collection with little more than a penny. In our latest Kathy's Collectible Corner, Kathy takes you around the Disneyland Resort -- through two theme parks, three hotels and a shopping district -- looking for machines that will squash and stretch legal tender into decorative pressed coins. After reading about her smashing adventure, check out the four complete lists -- including a new list of 51 Magical Milestones pennies available for Disneyland's 50th anniversary -- of where to find the machines and click on each coin's name to see what it looks like. (Updated 1/7/06)

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Disney EbayCollecting Disney the eBay Way

One of the best, fastest and most convenient ways to add to your Disney collection is utilizing one of the most powerful online auction houses available -- eBay. Collecting Disney the eBay way means utilizing the service to buy Disneyana from individuals selling their unwanted stuff or buying discounted extras or one-of-a-kind offerings directly from the company. In this article, Matthew Walker offers some simple tips for making the experience as good as possible when buying or selling Disney collectibles.

Wilderness Lodge Lincoln LogsBringing the Wilderness Home

A 275-piece toy set became a focal piece of Matthew Walker's living room after buying the Wilderness Lodge Lincoln Logs set as a Christmas present for his wife, Kathy. The set fits their Arts and Crafts-inspired decor as well as serving as a reminder of a great vacation to Walt Disney World. Check out our latest Emporium article featuring pictures and descriptions of Matthew's building of this specialty construction set.

Aladdin Platinum Edition DVDA Diamond in the Rough

Steve Burns returns with a review of the 1992 Disney animated feature Aladdin, on DVD for the first time ever. Does this traditional, hand-animated film hold up after more than a decade when computer animated films have since ruled the roost? Check out Steve's views on the enhanced colors, picture and sound in this cleaned-up version and find out about the special features added to this Platinum Series release from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. What more can you wish for?

Riders in the Sky Present Davy Crockett King of the Wild FrontierCowboy Frontiermen

Steve Burns returns with a review of the Disney-related Riders in the Sky Present Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier CD. Inspired by the Davy Crockett craze started with Disney's television mini-series of the 1950s, Ranger Doug, Woody Paul, Too Slim and Joey the CowPolka King bring you nine songs dedicated to the famous Tennessee frontierman, including the 29-verse "The Ballad of Davy Crockett."

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Pin TradingPins - Trade or Collect?

Disney pins are hot merchandise at theme parks, in the Disney Store and online through ventures like eBay. But what makes pin trading or collecting special?'s newest columnist, Dusty Knapp, takes a look at the hype and the reality with his tips for a positive experience in the pin world. Check out his tips on striking up conversations, striking up a good trade and striking up a quality collection.

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Collectible TermsCollectible Terms - An Online Reference Tool

From Acetate to Walt Disney Classic Collection, check out this online reference guide to catch up on all of the lingo concerning Disneyana collectibles. This guide covers areas of collectibility including animation art, ceramics and watches, among others.

Also available is a list of Disney reference essentials, including biographies of the Disney brothers, histories of the theme parks, resources on Disney TV, an encyclopedia of all things Disney and others in's Disney Library.

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